Medical care
  The hospital has always stressed the concept of "patients first and quality first" and tried to perfect the ideas, systems and means of its services, optimize the environment of care, provide individualized, value-added, private and best care to patients so as to improve the quality of medical care at the hospital. It has maintained the principle of "of the army, by the army and for the army", enhanced its power of medical logistics under modern war conditions, and spared no effort to provide medical logistic support to the troops. Particularly, it has made important contributions to disaster relief, for instance, in times of SARS and other major disasters, and to the medical care for the athlets at the Olympic Games. The PLAGH has been honored as one of the nation's "Top 100 Hospitals", one of the "Patient-Trusted Hospitals" and one of the "Model Military Hospitals that Best Serve the Troops"
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